Districts of Barcelona + Map

Being a large city, Barcelona is divided into several districts with different characteristics. Where are the most interesting attractions of Barcelona located? Where should you go when you are visiting Barcelona with kids? We will discuss it briefly here. District 1 is the Old City, the oldest part of Barcelona by the sea. This isContinue reading “Districts of Barcelona + Map”

Prices in Barcelona

Barcelona, with its unique historic architecture and amazing food scene (as well as beaches, which is a rarity for a major European city), is worth visiting even if the visit comes with a price. But just how expensive is Barcelona? We will discuss it briefly in this entry. How expensive is Barcelona? In general, beContinue reading “Prices in Barcelona”

Beaches of Barcelona

Barcelona is known mostly for its cultural and historical attractions, but it doesn’t mean you won’t find something for the fans of beach holidays in the city. It would be a shame to spend your whole stay in Barcelona on the coast, but it would be an equal shame not to visit it even once.Continue reading “Beaches of Barcelona”

Barcelona with kids

Barcelona is a very popular holiday destination, so no wonder the city has multiple attractions designed to appeal to the youngest visitors. In this entry we will briefly discuss the most popular of these. Of course, some attractions of Barcelona in general are fun to many children, such as fairytale-like Guell Parc, so check outContinue reading “Barcelona with kids”

Attractions of Barcelona

Before going anywhere, obviously you need to know what is worth seeing and visiting there, and Barcelona has a lot of places worth visiting. What are those? We will explain briefly. Barcelona is mostly associated with the works of architect Antonio Gaudi, an artist working in late 19th and early 20th century in unique style.Continue reading “Attractions of Barcelona”

Weather in Barcelona

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is an extremely popular tourist destination due to attractions both natural and cultural. A question remains, when is it best to visit Barcelona to both encounter good weather and avoid the crowds of tourists. Let’s look into that a little. What is the climate of Barcelona like? Barcelona has typicalContinue reading “Weather in Barcelona”